Patrick Manning

Past President

Patrick Manning is Andrew W. Mellon Professor of World History at the University of Pittsburgh; he is president of the American Historical Association, 2016–17. He served from 2008 to 2015 as founding director of the World History Center, located in the Department of History and affiliated with the Global Studies Program. Manning now directs the Collaborative for Historical Information and Analysis (CHIA), for work on creating a world-historical data resource. Trained as a specialist in the economic history of Africa, he has become a specialist in world history overall with a focus on migration and systems. His current research centers on creating a global historical data resource, African populations and migration 1650-1950, global social movements 1989–92, African diaspora as a dimension of global history, and a history of the human system.

In AHA activities, Manning contributed to the 1995 Guide to the Historical Literature, participated in the review of graduate programs, served as VP of the Teaching Division 2004–06 (focusing, for instance, on the AHA website on graduate programs and on 3 AHA position papers on teaching issues). As president of AHA in 2016–17, he has shown interest in strengthening AHA’s international ties and information, review and strengthening of the AHR, and the possibility of an AHA bibliography.

He was educated at the California Institute of Technology (BS in Chemistry, 1963) and the University of Wisconsin–Madison (MS in History and Economics, PhD in History 1969). He taught at ten different institutions, especially Cañada College (a California community college) 1969–82, Northeastern University 1984–2006, and University of Pittsburgh, 2006–16.