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Guide to Virtual AHA Live Captioning

What gets captioned?

All staff-produced Virtual AHA webinars will be live captioned using Due to technical constraints, interactive workshops and/or events that feature breakout groups cannot be automatically captioned. Please email at least two weeks before the scheduled workshop or event to request captioning. This will allow time to arrange for captioning for breakout discussions. If you are unsure if the virtual event you are interested in will be live captioned, please contact

Using Live Captions

Captions can only be viewed in a separate browser, we recommend resizing the window to sit next to the Zoom window.

Desktop: From your Zoom dashboard, Click LIVE on Custom Live Streaming Service View Stream on Custom Live Streaming Service in the top left corner to open Otter Live Notes in a web browser.

Screenshot of upper left corner of Zoom call showing options for accessing captions

Mobile: There will be no View Stream on Custom Live Streaming Service in the LIVE pull-down menu. Instead, click LIVE on Custom Live Streaming Service Copy Streaming Link to copy the link and paste it into a web browser to see the live transcription.

Workshops and/or Breakout Rooms

Please contact at least two weeks before the scheduled workshop to request captioning. Staff will respond to your request with instructions for viewing live captions for your event.