10. The Commodification of Tibet + A Look Ahead

Historian Lydia Walker discusses international advocacy for Tibet on the part of the US and India in the early Cold War and how those efforts resulted in a sort of humanitarian commodification of the Tibetan cause. And AHR editor Mark Bradley looks ahead with Daniel at what’s coming up at the 2023 AHA Annual Meeting and in upcoming issues of the AHR.

In this Episode

  • Lydia Walker (Assistant Professor and Myers Chair in Global Military History at The Ohio State University)
  • Mark Bradley (AHR Editor, Bernadotte E. Schmitt Distinguished Service Professor of International History and the College at the University of Chicago)
  • Daniel Story (Host and Producer, Digital Scholarship Librarian at UC Santa Cruz)


10. The Commodification of Tibet + A Look Ahead (PDF)


By Blue Dot Sessions



  • Produced by Matt Hermane and Daniel Story
  • Audio engineering and transcription support by Myles Rider-Alexis