Episodes for the September 2022 Issue

History in Focus is a podcast by the American Historical Review.

Go behind the scenes with the world's leading history journal as we explore the who, what, how, and why of doing history in the twenty-first century.

6. Soil and Memory

Historian Alexis Dudden and graphic artist Kim Inthavong discuss their collaborative work on history, memory, and activism in Okinawa, Japan. Their piece, “Okinawa: Territory as Monument,” appears in the History Lab section of the September issue of the AHR.

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7. Rethinking the Liberal Protestants + A History Survey

Andrew Preston offers a reassessment of America’s Liberal Protestants, especially on the subject of race. And Pete Burkholder and Dana Schaffer discuss the national survey “History, the Past, and Public Culture.” In both parts, the question What is history? hovers just below, or above, the surface.

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8. Art and History + Memoir of a Hijacking

Art critic Lee Weng-Choy discusses his and curator Zoe Butt’s conversation on historical practice in contemporary art. And Kate Brown speaks with Martha Hodes about her article exploring the process of writing about her childhood experience as a passenger in an airplane hijacking in September 1970.

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