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  • Deportation Diplomacy and China-Taiwan Cross-Strait Relations

    By Meredith Oyen The Sydney Morning Herald and agree that the recent dispute between Beijing and Taipei over a deportation decision by Kenya is nothing short of “bizarre.” Though the decision to deport Taiwanese nationals to China might seem strange on the surface, it in fact is deeply rooted in history. Migration diplomacy has a long history in the cross-strait dispute between China and Taiwan. Image: Wikimedia Commons This “bizarre diplomatic row” occurred after two separate deportation incidents involving China and Taiwan. The post Deportation Diplomacy and China-Taiwan Cross-Strait Relations appeared first on American Historical Association.

  • Letter of Concern Regarding Poland's Museum of the Second World War (May 2016)

  • Letter of Support for Nomination of Dr. Carla Hayden as Librarian of Congress (April 2016)

  • Letter of Concern Regarding the Port of Los Angeles Archive (May 2016) Added May 16, 2016

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  • The Opioid Crisis in Historical Perspective

    Prince is just the latest high-profile victim of an opioid addiction crisis that has devastated families and communities across the country in recent years. The problem has drawn widespread media coverage and spurred Congress into action, a rarity in the current political climate. Both the Senate and the House have recently passed legislation to address the crisis. Yet this is hardly the first time the United States has grappled with drug epidemics. What can we learn from past problems and the policies instituted to combat them? The post The Opioid Crisis in Historical Perspective appeared first on American Historical Association.

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    By providing leadership on current issues, highlighting the work of our members, and bringing the discipline into the public conversation, the American Historical Association is history's most influential and indispensable advocate. Our large membership enhances our influence in legislative and policy arenas, not just in Washington, but wherever we encounter issues regarding access to documents, academic freedom, discrimination, and other challenges affecting the work of historians. At a time of widespread budget cuts, AHA is one of the most important sources of advocacy, reminding policymakers of the importance of continuing to fund the institutions on which history in the United States depends.

  • The Changing Meanings of Marriage: Windsor in Historic Context Added July 01, 2013

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  • Sixteen Months to Sumter