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  • Submit a Proposal Added May 03, 2016

  • Committee on State Standards Added May 03, 2016

  • Mary Church Terrell: The Great-Great Grandmother of Black Lives Matter Added May 03, 2016

    By Joan Quigley Black Lives Matter, the protest movement launched by three African American women, has ignited a search for new role models. One Black Lives Matter co-founder, Patrisse Cullors, has cited the influence of Harriet Tubman; another co-founder, Alicia Garza, has invoked Sojourner Truth. And, as Jelani Cobb wrote recently in the New Yorker, Black Lives Matter has reclaimed a grassroots activist, Ella Baker, whose career included stints with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. The post Mary Church Terrell: The Great-Great Grandmother of Black Lives Matter appeared first on American Historical Association.

  • Future Meetings Added May 03, 2016

    Theme for the 2017 Annual Meeting Historical Scale: Linking Levels of Experience Call for Proposals for the 131st annual meeting in 2017 AHA Annual Meeting Guidelines (revised and approved by the AHA Council, September 25, 2015) Submit a Proposal (online only)-- The proposal deadline for the 2017 meeting in Denver has passed. The Program Committee sent notifications on May 3, 2016. (Remember, all US historians presenting at the annual meeting must be AHA members.) The Program Committee sent notifications to all session organizers on XX. If you have not heard from the Program Committee, please contact The proposal deadline will be February 15. A link to the online proposal submission system will be posted in the fall. The deadline for submitting proposals will be 11:59 p.m. PST, February 15, 2016 (07:59 GMT, February 16, 2015). If you encounter technical difficulties over the weekend, please e-mail technical support. All data entry issues reported before the deadline will be resolved. Visit the Submit a Proposal page for more information. See you in Denver!-- 2017 Exhibit Hall The Exhibit Hall will be located in the Colorado Convention Center. Exhibitors who reserve their booths at between April 1–15, 2016, will receive discounted prices. Questions? Contact Deadlines and Important Dates Discounted Pricing April 1–15, 2016 Regular Pricing Begins April 16, 2016 Print Program Ads Order from April 1–September 15, 2016, at Artwork due October 1, 2016 Registration Opens mid-September 2016 Exhibitor Manual Available October 2016

  • Membership Added May 03, 2016

    jQuery(function($) { // Debug flag var debugMode = true; // Default time delay before checking location var callBackTime = 100; // # px before tracking a reader var readerLocation = 150; // Set some flags for tracking & execution var timer = 0; var scroller = false; var endContent = false; var didComplete = false; If your field is history—no matter your specialization or profession—membership in the American Historical Association is indispensable. Among the numerous organizations that serve historians, only the AHA brings together historians from all geographical, chronological, and topical specializations and all work contexts, embracing the breadth and variety of activity in history today. More importantly, only the AHA addresses the interests of the discipline as a whole as well as the diverse needs of its individual members. No matter what other specialized organizations you belong to, membership in the AHA is still essential because it provides national leadership on issues such as academic freedom, access to archives, the centrality of history to public culture, improvements in curricula, and other vital issues.  Advocate for the Discipline Working to protect history and the rights of historians at local and national levels with the National Coalition for History, the National Humanities Alliance, and the Consortium of Social Science Associations Issuing public statements, which have included support for revisions to the AP US History framework; pushed Congress to pass the Presidential Records Act Amendments of 2013; defended historians’ academic freedom and right to privacy in Wisconsin, Virginia, and Illinois; and promoted a historical perspective on marriage equality to the Supreme Court Supporting efforts to ensure broad participation by women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, independent scholars, public historians, and teachers Promote Scholarly Discussion Publishing the American Historical Review, the major j

  • Bridging Cultures Added May 02, 2016

    Supported by a grant from the NEH's Bridging Cultures initiative, the AHA's "American History, Atlantic and Pacific" professional development program for Community College faculty promotes a global perspective on US history at the country's increasingly diverse two-year institutions.  The program draws on a generation of innovative scholarship that has reframed the origins of the US within a broad geographical and chronological context. Participants worked to create or revise US history courses with lessons, units, and other work that deepens teaching on the US in the world. Learn more.

  • James A. Rawley Prize Added May 02, 2016

  • Classroom Content Added May 02, 2016

    The American Historical Association has a long-standing commitment to teaching and history education at all levels, and supports teaching in a wide variety of ways. At the annual meeting, the AHA and its affiliates sponsor many sessions on teaching. The AHA also offers a number of prizes and awards, and supports the good work of National History Day. The AHA has developed several resources for classroom teaching through the years. From Sixteen Months to Sumter, collecting editorials before and at the start of the Civil War, to Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age, an early guide to using digital methods in teaching, to Resources on K-16 Teaching, history teachers at all levels can find content and guidance on this important aspect of the profession.

  • Collaboration Added May 02, 2016

  • Intellectual Self-Confidence Added May 02, 2016