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What We’re Reading: June 17, 2010 Edition

AHA Staff | Jun 17, 2010

NPR WWIIThis week we learned of the retirement of House Historian Robert V. Remini after five years on the job. See also a silly video from the University of Bergen (Norway) against plagiarism that comically crosses the line itself (how many film and television references can you count?), watch the finals from National History Day live online, read an NPR story about World War II’s oddest operation, learn of the Oral History Program at the University of North Texas, and follow the history of housing finance. Finally, it’s not too early to start planning for your trip to Boston for the 2011 annual meeting. Check out an article on the city’s best used bookstores.

Annual Meeting 2011


  • The ‘Learning Knights’ of Bell Telephone
    What happens when you ask up-and-coming telephone executives with technical or business backgrounds to take liberal arts courses?  In the 1950s, Bell Telephone was determined to find out. In 1952, they founded (with the University of Pennsylvania) the Institute of Humanistic Studies for Executives. Young executives were given a 10-month immersion program (550 hours) in the liberal arts.  The results were executives who were more confident and intellectually engaged, but less willing to put the company’s bottom line ahead of their families and communities.  Bell pulled the plug in 1960.  Happy Bloom’s Day.
  • A Plagiarism Carol
    The Chronicle links to a video from the University of Bergen about plagiarism that includes homages to 24, A Christmas Carol, Robocop, and others.

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