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What We’re Reading: July 22, 2010 Edition

AHA Staff | Jul 22, 2010

Faulkner at Virginia An Audio ArchiveIn recent news, two historians are among the 10 new fellows at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University, the Supreme Court of the United States blog is looking for student interns, the AASLH has a new online community, Kafka’s papers are unearthed but not made public, and workers at the World Trade Center site have uncovered an 18th-century boat. Then read on for two teaching-related articles: first, students and scholarship online, then, teaching about the Bush presidency. Also, take a look at historians in public, the writing process, George Washington’s 101 rules, William Faulkner audio recordings, and more.



  • When Students Assess Scholars
    What happens when students engage with academic scholarship online? Mills Kelly assesses the issues at edwired.
  • Teaching ‘W’ as History
    Writing for The Chronicle Review, Sean Wilentz and Julian E. Zelizer reflect on their experiences teaching an undergraduate seminar on the Bush presidency.


  • Historians in Public
    This essay from Thomas Bender is part of the Transformations of the Public Sphere forum, put together by the Social Science Research Council and NYU’s Institute for Public Knowledge.
  • Writing is Thinking
    More advice from Kerry Ann Rockquemore on how to combat writer’s block and “debilitating perfectionism,” and take control of your writing process.

Historic Figures



  • I Write Like
    Who do you write like? David Foster Wallace, H.P. Lovecraft, Dan Brown? Just for fun, input some text (paragraphs from your latest article, blog post, or e-mail) or another writer’s text and analyze it through this site to see which famous writer it sounds like.
  • Wagon ruts from Oregon Trail still visible today
    Boing boing has posted a photo showing wagon ruts still visible from the Oregon Trail.

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