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July 1, 2019–June 30, 2020

AHA Staff | Aug 31, 2020

The Association relies on the generous contributions of members and other patrons to support its prizes, awards, and other programs and activities. The following list records—with our considerable gratitude—the many members who made significant gifts to the Association during the past fiscal year.

$1,000 AND ABOVE

Peter M. Baldwin 
Elaine K. Carey 
Alice L. George 
James R. Grossman
David A. Hollinger 
Jacqueline Jones 
Kenneth W. Levy-Church
Mary Lindemann
John R. McNeill 
Thomas R. Metcalf 
Mary Beth Norton 
Thomas J. Sugrue 
Susan W. Ware

$250 TO $999

Robert A. Blackey 
Elizabeth A. R. Brown 
Lonnie Bunch 
Jon Butler 
Malcolm C. Clark 
Lisa Forman Cody 
James W. Cortada 
Donald B. Epstein 
Leila T. Fawaz 
Paula Sutter Fichtner 
Joel S. Fishman 
Zephyr L. Frank 
Mary O. Furner 
Edward G. Gray 
Donald Hall 
Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham
Linda K. Kerber 
Paul W. Knoll 
Diane P. Koenker 
Joseph O. Losos 
Maeva Marcus 
Laura McEnaney
Alice M. O’Connor 
Karen Offen 
Eugenia M. Palmegiano
Vicki L. Ruiz 
Scott A. Sandage 
Jeffrey L. Sturchio 
Janet A. Ward

$150 TO $249

John J. Baughman
Charles D. Cashdollar
Roger M. Dahl 
Michael D’Innocenzo
Melinda Meek Hennessey
Paul E. Hoffman 
Jacob Judd 
Dane K. Kennedy 
Catherine Grollman Lauritsen 
Melvyn P. Leffler 
Kate McDonald
Robert L. Middlekauff
Susan Naquin 
Craig Perrier 
Joseph P. Reidy 
Malcolm Richardson
Nerina Rustomji 
William L. Sachs 
Lois G. Schwoerer
Keith L. Sprunger 
R. Vladimir Steffel 
Harry M. Walsh 
Michael N. Wibel 
Christine D. Worobec 
Frank J. Zaremba

$100 TO $149

Kristin L. Ahlberg
Virginia D. Anderson
Bernard Bailyn 
Daniel A. Baugh 
Susannah F. Baxendale
Thomas N. Bisson 
Melissa K. Bokovoy 
Michael A. Bortner 
Christopher R. Boyer 
Howard Brick 
Mark A. Burkholder
John C. Cairns 
William R. Childs 
Constance Areson Clark 
Lizabeth Cohen 
Kathleen M. Comerford
Alice L. Conklin 
Ronald E. Coons 
Sandi E. Cooper 
Earlene Craver 
Despina O. Danos 
Gerald A. Danzer 
Sheri I. David 
David J. Diephouse
Steven J. Ericson 
Edward L. Farmer 
Roger J. Fechner 
Janet Ruth Fireman 
Daniel M. Fox 
John B. Freed 
Marianne B. Geiger 
Kathleen Giering 
Henry F. Graff 
Kenneth S. Greenberg
J. William Harris Jr.
Donna T. Harsch 
Jo N. Hays 
Charles D. Hendricks
Alexandra Hui 
Herbert A. Johnson 
Kenneth W. Keller 
Jeffrey C. Kinkley 
Richard H. Kohn 
Gerard M. Koot 
Asuncion A. Lavrin 
Herman Lebovics 
David L. Lightner 
Peter J. Loewenberg
Charles S. Maier 
Gloria L. Main 
Suzanne Lynn Marchand
Margaret S. Marsh 
Marlene J. Mayo 
Anne E. C. McCants 
Alida C. Metcalf 
Randall M. Miller 
Stephen Miller 
Karl F. Morrison 
John M. Murrin 
Phoebe Musandu 
David N. Myers 
Keith W. Olson 
Jeff Ostler 
J.B. Owens 
Robert D. Parmet 
William Brown Patterson
Samuel C. Pearson Jr.
Jon A. Peterson 
Rebecca Jo Plant 
Peter J. Powell 
Marguerite Renner 
Mary G. Rolinson 
David Harris Sacks 
Philip Shashko 
Douglas O. Sofer 
Howard Spodek 
Robert F. Trisco 
Andres Vaart 
Robert W. Venables 
Peter L. Viscusi 
Wilson J. Warren 
William F. Wechsler 
Charles E. Williams 
Karin A. Wulf 
John W. Yarbrough
Russ Zguta

This list aggregates donations received between July 1, 2019, and June 30, 2020. The American Historical Association is grateful to its 351 donors. Because of space restrictions, we can list only donors who have contributed $100 or more. Please visit historians.org/donate for a complete list of our generous donors.

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