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Donors to the Association, July 1, 2016–June 30, 2017

AHA Staff | Sep 1, 2017

The Association relies on the generous contributions of members and other patrons to support its prizes, awards, and other programs and activities. The following list records—with our considerable gratitude—the many members who made significant gifts to the Association during the past fiscal year.

$1,000 and Above

Peter Baldwin
Marvin E. Fieman
Robert J. Gibbons
James R. Grossman
Margaret C. Jacob
Kenneth W. Levy-Church
Chris J. McNickle
Mary Beth Norton
Edmund P. Russell III
Virginia J. Scharff
Sidney Stern Memorial Trust

$250 to $999

David A. Bell
Albert J. Beveridge III
Robert A. Blackey
Bradford B. Blaine
Jeffrey A. Bowman
Roger P. Chickering
William R. Childs
Malcolm C. Clark
Lisa Forman Cody
William J. Cronon
Drumcliff Foundation
Donald B. Epstein
Jan E. Goldstein
Elizabeth Gritter
Barton C. Hacker
Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham
Anne Hyde
Jacqueline Jones
Stanley N. Katz
Richard S. Kirkendall
Paul W. Knoll
Joseph O. Losos
Patrick Manning
Daniel J. McInerney
Barbara Metcalf
Amanda B. Moniz
John M. Murrin
Alice M. O’Connor
Eugenia M. Palmegiano
R. Arnold Ricks
James M. Rosenheim
Vicki L. Ruiz
Scott A. Sandage
David Spadafora
Jeffrey L. Sturchio
Thomas J. Sugrue
James H. Sweet
Kathryn Tomasek
Harry M. Walsh
Susan W. Ware

$150 to $249

Suzanne Wilson Barnett
Rand Burnette
Jon Butler
Peter M. Buzanski
Michael D’Innocenzo
Mary L. Dudziak
Robin Einhorn
Donald Hall
Donna T. Harsch
Andrew C. Hess
Jacob Judd
Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt
Gregory May
Robert A. Schneider
James J. Sheehan
Andrew Wallace
William A. Weber
Lynn Weiner
Steven C. Wheatley
Christine D. Worobec
Frank J. Zaremba

$100 to $149

Carol Anderson
Virginia D. Anderson
Aaron Patrick Armstrong
Douglas M. Arnold
Bernard Bailyn
John J. Baughman
Ross W. Beales
Thomas Bender
Debjani Bhattacharyya
Thomas N. Bisson
Ann M. Blair
Howard Brick
Antoinette M. Burton
Raphael Cassimere Jr.
Clifford E. Clark
Lizabeth Cohen
Alice L. Conklin
Roger M. Dahl
Despina O. Danos
Gerald A. Danzer
Sheri I. David
Richard Dobbs
Ellen C. Dubois
Geoff Eley
Jeffrey A. Engel
Roger J. Fechner
Sharla M. Fett
Paula S. Fichtner
John B. Freed
Mary O. Furner
Alice L. George
J. Philip Gleason
Evelyn Gonzalez
Henry F. Graff
Anthea Marie Hartig
Charles W. Hayford
Jo N. Hays
Peter C. Hoffer
Thomas C. Holt
Lynn A. Hunt
Paul B. Israel
Andrew Jewett
Herbert A. Johnson
Glenn J. Kist
Rebecca Kugel
Ronald Lee Lansverk
Catherine Grollman Lauritsen
Jonathan J. Liebowitz
David L. Lightner
Gloria L. Main
Diane C. Margolf
Craig T. Marin
Gerald E. Markowitz
Margaret S. Marsh
Elizabeth M. McCahill
David S. Newbury
Becky M. Nicolaides
Carl H. Nightingale
Karen Offen
Robert D. Parmet
Samuel C. Pearson
Jon A. Peterson
Joseph P. Reidy
Anne E. Richardson
Malcolm Richardson
Carole R. Rogel
Paul M. Romney
Andrew Jon Rotter
Harry N. Scheiber
Albert John Schmidt
Lois G. Schwoerer
Thomas A. Scott
William H. Sewell
Jerome Shindelman
James Sidbury
Douglas O. Sofer
Gabrielle M. Spiegel
R. Vladimir Steffel
Eric A. Swanson
Zoe A. Swecker
Vincent B. Thompson
Barbara L. Tischler
Nancy J. Tomes
Clarence E. Walker
Frank A. Warren
Robert H. Whealey
Michael N. Wibel
Charles E. Williams
Daniel Woodhead III
Phyllis Bannan Woodworth
Charles A. Zappia

This list aggregates donations received between July 1, 2016, and June 30, 2017. The American Historical Association is grateful to its 502 donors. Because of space restrictions, we can list only donors who have contributed $100 or more. See a complete list of our generous donors.

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