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Donors to the Association, July 1, 2013-June 30, 2014

AHA Staff | Sep 2, 2014

The Association relies on the generous contributions of members and other patrons to support the prizes, awards, and other programs and activities of the Association. The following list records—with our considerable gratitude—the many members who made significant gifts to the Association over the past fiscal year.

$10,000 and Above

McGraw-Hill Education

Sidney Stern Memorial Trust

$1,000 to $9,999

Jeremy A. Baskes

College Board

El Colegio de Mexico, AC

Friends of Jerry Bentley

Javier Garciadiego

David A. Hollinger

Jacqueline Jones

Carol Mon Lee

Claudio Lomnitz

John R. McNeill

Chris McNickle

Frederick Rudolph

Scott A. Sandage

Rebecca J. Scott

William H. Sewell

Teagle Foundation

Tinker Foundation

Mary Kay Vaughan

$500 to $999

Paula Alonso

Roy A. Austensen

Christopher R. Boyer

Ralph C. Croizier

Robin Einhorn

Evelyn Hu-DeHart

Barbara Weinstein

$250 to $499

Robert B. Bain

Elizabeth A. R. Brown

Elaine K. Carey

Roger Chickering

Malcolm C. Clark

William J. Cronon

Marc Jason Gilbert

Gilbert M. Joseph

Richard S. Kirkendall

Joseph O. Losos

Christopher H. Lutz

George Moutafis

John M. Murrin

Francis O’Donoghue

Karen Offen

Cynthia Radding

Richard R. Schieffelin

Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks

$100 to $249

Adam Matthew Publications

Edward A. Alpers

Jennifer L. Anderson

Margaret Lavinia Anderson

Stephen Aron

Bernard Bailyn

John W. Baldwin

Susannah F. Baxendale

Ross W. Beales

Darrel E. Bigham

Robert A. Blackey

Allan G. Bogue

Dain E. Borges

The Boston Consulting Group, Inc.

Mark A. Burkholder

Rand Burnette

Jon Butler

Clayborne Carson

William R. Childs

David Gilbert Christian

J. R. Christianson

Clifford E. Clark

Lisa Forman Cody

Edith B. Couturier

Hamilton Cravens

Roger M. Dahl

Despina O. Danos

Carl N. Degler

Charles A. Desnoyers

Michael D’Innocenzo

Kathryn A. Edwards

Rebecca B. Edwards

Geoff Eley

Ainslie T. Embree

Carroll L. Engelhardt

Donald B. Epstein

Robert Forster

Zephyr L. Frank

Alice L. George

Timothy J. Gilfoyle

J. Philip Gleason

Jan E. Goldstein

John D. Gordan

Edward G. Gray

Janet Groff Greever

Sara S. Gronim

James R. Grossman

Donald Hall

Donna T. Harsch

Charles W. Hayford

Douglas E. Haynes

Eleanor K. Hubbard

Lynn A. Hunt

Anne Hyde

Scott Alan Ickes

Alan L. Karras

Edward J. Kealey

Rashid I. Khalidi

Dina R. Khoury

Diane P. Koenker

Sally Gregory Kohlstedt

Emilio Kouri

James M. Krippner

Rebecca Kugel

Brigitte K. Lavey

Lance B. Lewis

Jonathan J. Liebowitz

David F. Lindenfeld

Ane J. Lintvedt

Leon F. Litwack

Paul Lokken

William C. Lubenow

Gloria L. Main

Rachel P. Maines

Robert J. Malone

Maeva Marcus

Robert B. Marks

Manly Ernest Marshall

Robert E. McCaa

Gerald W. McFarland

Thomas R. Metcalf

Barbara Metcalf

Maureen C. Miller

Adrian Simon Moore

Jose-Manuel Navarro

Carl H. Nightingale

Alice M. O’Connor

Jocelyn H. Olcott

Ynez V. O’Neill

Valeria Paley

Robert D. Parmet

Sue Peabody

Peter C. Perdue

Paula Petrik

Carla Rahn Phillips

William D. Phillips

Kenneth L. Pomeranz

Paul G. Randolph

Peter James Rausch

Janet Reid

Joseph P. Reidy

Kevin Reilly

Jonathan Reynolds

Robert C. Ritchie

Harry N. Scheiber

William H. Sewell

Charles D. Smith

Douglas O. Sofer

Howard Spodek

Donald Fithian Stevens

Vincent B. Thompson

Nancy J. Tomes

Melvin J. Tucker

Charles F. Walker

Kerry R. Ward

Rick R. Warner

William A. Weber

Theodore R. Weeks

Robert H. Whealey

Steven C. Wheatley

Karen E. Wigen

John E. Wills

Allan M. Winkler

Phyllis Bannan Woodworth

Don J. Wyatt

John W. Yarbrough

Edith P. Young

Kevin C. Young

Eric S. Zolov

Note that this list aggregates all donations received between July 1, 2013, and June 30, 2014. The American Historical Association is grateful to our nearly 700 donors. Because of restrictions on space we can list only donors who have contributed $100 or more. Please visit bit.ly/1lsk3j1 for a complete list of our generous donors.

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