Perspectives on Film: Selma

  • When History Is Not Good Enough for Hollywood

    Kent Germany | May 1, 2015

    Get it right; and don’t be boring.” That is the advice I give to students about writing history. I stole it from Pulitzer Prize–winning former New Yor...
  • The Brouhaha over Selma

    Sam Pollard | May 1, 2015

    The 87th annual Academy Awards ceremony is over, and Selma, snubbed by many Academy members (myself included) in the best directing and best acting ca...
  • Missed Opportunities with Selma

    Julian E. Zelizer | May 1, 2015

    There has been a lot written about what is wrong or right with the film Selma. Fans of the movie have praised the way it captures the bravery of civil...
  • Varieties of Leadership in Selma

    Leslie M. Harris | May 1, 2015

    First, I must confess: I cried through the whole movie, from the first scene to the last. As a historian, that’s not what I came to do, but that’s wha...

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