Perspectives on Democracy

  • Perspectives on Democracy: Introduction

    Allison Miller and James Grossman | Sep 1, 2016

    Thinking about democracy requires confronting contradictions. What makes a political system "democratic" in its workings? What makes a society "democr...
  • China: Vicissitudes of Definitions

    Peter Zarrow | Sep 1, 2016

    Let us imagine that 35 years from now, in about the year 2050, China is some kind of constitutional democracy. We then have two interrelated questions...
  • The United States: Self-Taught Activism

    Johann N. Neem | Sep 1, 2016

    In an era when many Americans complain that the political system is not responsive, we might take inspiration from those times in our past when ordina...
  • India: Collective Assembly as a Critical Practice

    Ramnarayan Rawat | Sep 1, 2016

    Growing up in a democracy is an intimate experience that grows with you, and along the way you learn about its practice. My first personal encounter w...

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