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What We’re Reading: May 8, 2014

AHA Staff | May 8, 2014

Today’s What We’re Reading features a history of British socks, a white paper on ePortfolios, history infused Roller Derby, and much more!

History Links

All of Bach

The Netherlands Bach Society is performing all 1,080 of Johann Sebastian Bach’s works and posting them online. Six performances posted, 1,074 to go.

Photos Document Japanese-American Wartime Internment

The Library of Congress features photographs of the Manzanar Relocation Center taken by Ansel Adams.

Early-SocksA Brief History of British Socks

A well-illustrated post on the history of socks and stockings that places it in the context of gendered labor and industrialization.

The UAE in Early Islamic History

A video recording of a lecture by Timothy Power on the history of the United Arab Emirates during the Abbasid caliphate.

Book Lovers Record Traces of 19th-Century Readers

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports on Book Traces, a crowdsourced project to collect marginalia from books published from 1800 to 1923.

The Profession

Chapman ePortfolios: An Electronic Platform for Tenure and Promotion Dossiers

A white paper posted on Google Docs about a project at Chapman University to develop a dossier platform to allow evaluation of digital scholarship.

Watch Out, MBAs! PhDs Are After Your Jobs

Bloomberg Businessweek sounds the alarm, but “Schools and recruiters [have] downplayed the threat PhDs represent to the ambitions of MBA grads.”


Public Library Is Abandoning Disputed Plan for Landmark

Time’s Arrow Traced to Quantum Source

“Quantum Entanglement” explains why time only moves in one direction.

Fun and Off-Beat

Amer-Wreckin’ Pie: US History in Roller Derby Names

Popular history-themed names include Amber Waves of Pain, Abe Drinkin, Fort Knocks, Smackajawea, and Shankee Doodle.

Utterly Charming Photos of 1920s Chicago Kids Dressed Up as Flowers

Slate Vault’s Rebecca Onion unearths vintage pics of Chicago kids participating in a Wildflower Preservation Society event.

The Legendary Manual That Dictates Every Detail of the NYC Subway

If you don’t get lost underground while attending the AHA annual meeting in New York this winter, the New York City Transit Authority’s Graphics Standards Manual from 1970 is why. Says one of the designers who found a surviving copy in a basement, “For graphic designers, this is like stumbling on a first edition Gutenberg Bible.”

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