K–16 Education

  • Gamifying History Instruction

    Perspectives Daily

    Shu Wan | May 31, 2023

    Gamification of the classroom is all the rage. But which game should you choose?
  • Hide the Key

    Perspectives Daily

    Lauran Kerr-Heraly | May 2, 2023

    At Houston Community College, one history professor partnered with colleagues across the institution to create a customizable escape room.
  • Teaching the History Wars


    Megan Threlkeld | Apr 18, 2023

    In a seminar on the history wars, Megan Threlkeld provides students with a strong foundation for understanding the stakes of...
  • Maintaining Standards

    AHA Activities

    Brendan Gillis and Julia Brookins | Apr 13, 2023

    The AHA has recently taken action in a number of states to protect the integrity of social studies standards.

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