K–16 Education

  • A School without Books


    Michael Andoscia | Jan 24, 2024

    One veteran Florida social studies teacher shares the recent changes brought to his district by state legislation.
  • Erasing the Past


    Hamaad Habibullah | Jan 23, 2024

    Textbook “rationalization” has become the primary means of erasing Muslims from India’s history.
  • A Classroom Tune-Up


    Richard Bond | Dec 18, 2023

    How do you teach students to think like historians?
  • Approaches to Teaching Israel–Palestine

    AHA Online, Perspectives Daily

    Laura Ansley | Dec 12, 2023

    A webinar brought together a panel of historians to discuss strategies and recommend readings and films for teaching the history of Israel–Palestine.

Most Recent

  • The Annual Meeting Is for Teachers

    Katharina Matro | Dec 8, 2023

    With almost 90 sessions devoted to teaching and learning history, AHA24 is a great conference for teachers.
  • Don’t Stop Worrying or Learn to Love AI

    Stephen Jackson | Nov 6, 2023

    A careful and considered approach is needed to bring artificial intelligence into the classroom.
  • No Such Thing as a Bad Question?

    Whitney E. Barringer, Lauren Brand, and Nicholas Kryczka | Sep 26, 2023

    Historians love questions, but not every question promotes historical thinking.
  • The Unessay

    Bryan A. Banks | Sep 20, 2023

    A popular assignment format meets students—and audiences—where they are.
  • Regional Conferences

    Laura Ansley | Sep 11, 2023

    Why is the AHA hosting conferences in Texas and Utah this October?

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