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What We’re Reading: January 26, 2012

AHA Staff | Jan 26, 2012

In the news this week, the National Museum of African American History and Culture struggles to find artifacts like slave clothing, Facebook deletes profiles of historical figures, and AAUP announces “University Press Week.” Then, read thoughts on an app for the American Historical Review, protests to a French effort to criminalize some historical perspectives, lessons learned from serving on the AHA Graduate and Early Careers Committee, and advice for students writing their dissertations. Next, read about two 126th annual meeting sessions (on crowdsourcing, and historians and archivists), and coverage from two news organizations. Finally, just for fun, learn about cakes through history.



  • Tenured Radical Dude, Where’s My Classroom? And Other Random Thoughts
    Claire Potter, on her Chronicle hosted Tenured Radical blog, comments on recent articles by AHA President William Cronon and AHA Executive Director Jim Grossman and suggests development of an app for the American Historical Review.
  • Speech crimes and France
    Timothy Garton Ash protests a French effort to criminalize some historical perspectives, warning about the wider implications for free inquiry into the past.
  • On retiring from GECC
    Aaron Marrs, the former chair of the AHA’s Graduate and Early Careers Committee, looks back on his time in service, and offers some advice to current and prospective graduate students.
  • Do I Have to Finish My Dissertation?
    In the Advice section of The Chronicle, Ms. Mentor answers the question “Do I have to finish my Dissertation?” and then offers some questions of her own.
  • Gingrich’s College Records Show a Professor Hatching Big Plans
    The Wall Street Journal looks back at New Gingrich’s life as an academic in the history department at West Georgia College in the 1970s.

Sessions from the 126th Annual Meeting
Articles on sessions from the 126th annual meeting continue to come out, now that attendees have had a chance to process and reflect on the meeting.

Coverage of the 126th Annual Meeting
Recent and upcoming coverage of the 126th annual meeting:


  • Cakes throughout U.S. HistoryCakes Throughout U.S. History
    From the Boston Cream Pie in 1850 to the Smith Island Cake in 1981, America’s Test Kitchen takes a delicious trip through U.S. history by way of cakes.

Contributors: Elisabeth Grant, Jim Grossman, Chris Hale, and Robert B. Townsend

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