Behind the Scenes at the AHA

  • Supporting History Department Chairs

    AHA Activities

    Dana Schaffer | May 14, 2024

    Get the scoop on AHA activities and resources designed to support department chairs.
  • Awards and Prizes

    AHA Activities

    Rebecca L. West | Mar 20, 2024

    How does the AHA select winners of its awards and prizes?
  • Legislative Advocacy Letters

    AHA Activities

    Katherine Brausch and Julia Brookins | Jan 30, 2024

    What is the process of putting together a letter responding to state legislatures?
  • The Program Committee

    AHA Activities, Annual Meeting

    Laura Ansley | Jan 18, 2024

    How does the AHA select which sessions and posters will be included on each year’s conference program?

Most Recent

  • Crafting a Perspectives Issue

    Laura Ansley | Dec 19, 2023

    Publishing a magazine involves editorial strategy, hard work, and often a dollop of good timing.
  • Planning the Annual Meeting

    Alexandra F. Levy | Nov 20, 2023

    How much work does it take to run the world’s largest annual gathering of historians?
  • Regional Conferences

    Laura Ansley | Sep 11, 2023

    Why is the AHA hosting conferences in Texas and Utah this October?
  • The Nominating Committee

    Alexandra F. Levy | Apr 25, 2023

    How is the AHA’s slate of candidates selected?