Asian American and Pacific Islander History

  • Dragon Head

    Everything Has a History

    Douglas S. Chan and Palma J. You | Jan 2, 2024

    The dragon’s head held by the Chinese Historical Society of America represents a community’s will to survive against extreme adversity.
  • Him Mark Lai (1925–2009)

    In Memoriam, Long Overdue

    Gordon H. Chang and Madeline Y. Hsu | Nov 28, 2023

    This Long Overdue tribute honors historian Him Mark Lai, who died in 2009.
  • Yuji Ichioka (1936–2002)

    In Memoriam, Long Overdue

    Eiichiro Azuma | Sep 27, 2023

    This Long Overdue tribute honors historian Yuji Ichioka, who died in 2002.
  • Roger Daniels (1927–2022)

    In Memoriam

    Jonathan van Harmelen | Apr 28, 2023

    On December 9, 2022, Roger Daniels died in Seattle, Washington, shortly after his 95th birthday.

Most Recent

  • Ronald Takaki (1939–2009)

    Catherine Ceniza Choy | Apr 28, 2023

    This Long Overdue tribute honors historian Ronald Takaki, who died in 2009.
  • Art as Historical Method

    Mark Philip Bradley | Oct 11, 2022

    Identity, colonial legacies, and recovering knowledge are all showcased in the latest issue of the AHR.
  • Immigration, Wartime Trauma, and Planetary Science

    Rebecca L. West | Aug 25, 2022

    Read about the 2022–23 recipients of the J. Franklin Jameson Fellowship in American History, the Fellowship in Aerospace History, and...
  • Grant of the Week: SHEAR DEI Research Fellowship

    Alana Venable | Jan 28, 2022

    The Society for Historians of the Early American Republic is now accepting applications for the 2022–23 Fellowship program.  
  • Disastrous Displacements

    Marguerite Nguyen | Oct 21, 2021

    From North Vietnam to South Vietnam to Louisiana, Vietnamese in New Orleans have been faced with repeated displacements—which continued due to environmental disasters.

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