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What We’re Reading: April 2, 2015

Jacob Ingram | Apr 2, 2015

Today’s What We’re Reading features 3D Civil War photography, sideways history, some travel advice for #AHA2016 and much, much more!

Library of Congress Acquires Rare Civil War Stereographs
The Library got 540 stereographs from a private collector in Houston, Texas. The stereograph allowed for an image to be presented with a 3D effect. The collection includes images from Abraham Lincoln’s funeral procession. While scanning is ongoing, the first batch is viewable here.

"Lincoln's Funeral," Philadelphia

“Lincoln’s Funeral,” Philadelphia

Why America’s Obsession with STEM Education is Dangerous
Farreed Zakaria offers a case for why the humanities matter for a 21st century workforce.

Thinking Sideways
A New Yorker review of W. Joseph Campbell’s 1995: The Year the Future Began, which utilizes a “sideways” historical perspective.

MRSA Superbug Killed by 1,100-Year-Old Home Remedy, Researchers Say
What do you get when you mix cow’s bile with garlic? A gross tonic, but perhaps an effective treatment for MRSA, according to in a 10th-century manuscript written in Old English and modern-day researchers in the United Kingdom. Another testament to why humanists and scientists should work together more frequently.

Va. Tribe Faces More Hurdles to Recognition
Both supporters and proponents of federal recognition of the Pamunkey Indians look to the tribe’s history.

Yelp for Teachers is a Terrible Idea
A reminder that education is more than a review form and attempts to enact such ideas can be counterproductive.

A Better Way to Find The Best Flights and Avoid The Worst Airports
While it might be a ways away, it is never too early to devise the plan of attack for getting to the AHA annual meeting. FiveThirtyEight offers a digest of airport data concerning the scariest part of navigating any airport, any time. They also include an interactive feature that lets you examine individual routes between major airports. Should you want to check who the best carrier is between your home airport and the 2016 annual meeting, Atlanta’s airport code is ATL.

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