• The History of Toronto

    Carl Benn, PhD, City of Toronto Museums & Heritage Services; Catherine Molnar, MA, City of Toronto Museums & Heritage Services; Kevin Hebib, City of Toronto Museums & Heritage Services | Nov 27, 2020

    This source summarizes the current scholarly consensus on the main themes in Toronto's past.
  • Everyday Life in Eastern Europe in the 1980s

    Tom Rushford | Nov 20, 2020

    The resource examines experiences resulting from the revolutions of 1989 and the end of Communist single-party rule and the Cold War.
  • The Medici Archive Project

    The Medici Archive Project, Inc. | Oct 22, 2020

    The site serves as a vital digital tool for students of the Renaissance and early modern studies.  
  • Environmental History Resources

    K. Jan Oosthoek | Oct 14, 2020

    This site explores the ways in which people have interacted with their environments in the past.

Most Recent

  • The Clarence Darrow Digital Collection

    University of Minnesota Law Library | Oct 13, 2020

    This collection contains an array of material, including trial transcripts, cases, articles, books, photos, and narratives, about American jurist Clarence Darrow’s life and legal career.
  • Classroom Materials at the Library of Congress

    Library of Congress | Oct 13, 2020

    This source features more than 90 teaching modules on a variety of subjects in US history.
  • The White House Historical Association

    White House Historical Association | Oct 12, 2020

    The source offers a collection of research articles and photographs focused on the history of protest at the White House and Lafayette Park.
  • Teaching with Historic Places

    National Park Service | Oct 9, 2020

    Teaching with Historic Places offers a series of more than 160 classroom-ready lesson plans that use historic sites as a means for exploring American history.
  • EDSITEment! Lesson Plans

    National Endowment for the Humanities | Oct 5, 2020

    This resource offer synchronous lesson plans that can be adapted to remote teaching.

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