• The History of Toronto

    Carl Benn, PhD, City of Toronto Museums & Heritage Services; Catherine Molnar, MA, City of Toronto Museums & Heritage Services; Kevin Hebib, City of Toronto Museums & Heritage Services | Nov 27, 2020

    This source summarizes the current scholarly consensus on the main themes in Toronto's past.
  • Computer History Museum

    Computer History Museum | Nov 26, 2020

    The site offers access to virtual events, online activities and resources, digital exhibits and tours, and more.
  • Fashion History Timeline

    Justine De Young, project director, and Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) students and faculty | Nov 9, 2020

    The website is an open-access source for fashion and dress history, featuring objects and art from over a hundred museums...
  • Inventing the Grand Banks

    Charles Travis, Trinity College Dublin; Richard Breen, Trinity College Dublin | Nov 8, 2020

    The source is an interactive digital timeline map that explores John Cabot’s 1497 encounter with a ‘newfoundland’ that invented the...

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  • OER Project

    OER project, David Christiansen | Nov 1, 2020

    This resource provides open-access, free world history courses and an educator community to help pace and guide the instructor.
  • France in America

    Library of Congress; Bibliothèque Nationale de France | Oct 27, 2020

    This source documents the presence of the French in the United States from the beginning of the 16th century through...
  • The Weimar Republic

    acing History and Ourselves | Oct 16, 2020

    The resource offers resources on the history of Germany’s Weimar Republic, including visual materials, primary source documents, biographies, readings, and lesson ideas.
  • Creating Accessible Learning Environments

    Center for Teaching, Vanderbilt University | Oct 14, 2020

    This guide is designed to help educators create inclusive and accessible higher education classrooms—beyond accommodation—for a range of students with disabilities.
  • Environmental History Resources

    K. Jan Oosthoek | Oct 14, 2020

    This site explores the ways in which people have interacted with their environments in the past.

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