The End of the Vargas Age in Brazil - 1953/54

Gukpa | Apr 5, 2021

The End of the Vargas Age in Brazil — 1953/54 is comprised of excerpts of the documentaries “Getúlio Vargas” (1974) and “Jango” (1984). This short video offers students a glimpse of Brazilian national politics from the end of the Vargas era in 1954 to the coup which removed João Goulart (Jango) as president a decade later. The video may be used to launch or deepen discussion of Vargas' populist turn in the 1950s, his appeal to the Brazilian working class, foreign investment in Brazil, and the enduring power of the military in national politics. In Portuguese with English subtitles.

Tags: Latin America Lecture, Podcast, & Documentary Labor Military Political 1945-Present


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