Slave Biographies

The Atlantic Database Network

Gwendolyn Midlo Hall, Walter Hawthorne, Dean Rehberger, Ethan Watrall, principal investigators; Michigan State University | Oct 17, 2020

Slave Biographies: The Atlantic Database Network is a data repository of information on the identities of enslaved people in the Atlantic World. A good starting place for student research projects, it includes the names, ethnicities, skills, occupations, and illnesses of individual enslaved people. Users can access three data sets: one about enslaved people in Maranhão, Brazil, one about enslaved people in colonial Louisiana, and another about formerly enslaved people in Antebellum Louisiana. The resources section features extensive database links to a burial database, trial records, the Texas Slavery Database project, and more.

Tags: Africa Atlantic World Britain Canada Caribbean Europe Latin America North America South America United States Data & Statistics Primary Source Collection for Research Assignments Primary Sources African American African Diaspora Book & Media Digital Methods Economic Environmental Legal Research Methods Slavery Social State & Local (US) Women, Gender, & Sexuality 1600-1800 1800-1900


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