Online Teaching Guides

  • Use What You Know

    Kevin Gannon, Grand View University | Jul 27, 2020

    This article is an introduction to online teaching tools for new online instructors, whose primary experience is in face-to-face classrooms...
  • Transitioning to Online Teaching

    Steven Mintz, University of Texas at Austin | Jul 27, 2020

    This article discusses steps historians should take to quickly adapt history courses to an online format in the context of a rapid transition to remote instruction.
  • Fair Use & Emergency Remote Teaching & Research

    Public Statement of Library Copyright Specialists | Jul 27, 2020

    This “Public Statement of Library Copyright Specialists: Fair Use & Emergency Remote Teaching & Research” is meant to provide clarity...
  • Behaviors and Strategies for Improving Online Instructor Presence

    Michelle Pacansky-Brock | Jul 27, 2020

    This resource describes behaviors and strategies that help make online students’ learning more relevant and increase instructors’ investment in their class.

Most Recent

  • Journal of Interactive Online Learning

    Vivian H. Wright, Executive Editor, University of Alabama | Jul 27, 2020

    The Journal of Interactive Online Learning focuses on providing a venue for manuscripts, critical essays, and reviews that encompass disciplinary and interdisciplinary...
  • Designing a Syllabus in a Global Mental Health Epidemic

    Ada Palmer, University of Chicago | Jul 27, 2020

    This guide describes ways to adjust courses to be easier on students and instructors alike during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • C3 Inquiries

    C3 Teachers | Jul 27, 2020

    The Inquiry Design Model (IDM) is a distinctive approach to creating curriculum and instructional materials.
  • Digital Pedagogical Design and the Humanities in the Age of COVID

    Center for Renaissance Studies, The Newberry Library | Jul 27, 2020

    This Newberry Library session presents strategies for online course design that center student interaction and engagement in order to re-create the...
  • Liberté, Equality, #ICan'tBreathe!

    Alyssa Goldstein Sepinwall | Jul 27, 2020

    This peer-reviewed essay offers suggestions on how the 2020 summer basketball restart can help students connect the present to the eighteenth century.

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