Mongols in World History

Asia for Educators, Columbia University | Jan 28, 2021

Mongols in World History offers readings, discussion questions, and video for an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning about the Mongol Empire. It includes classroom materials on the Yuan dynasty (1271-1328). One highlight is a link to the Met Museum's video "The World of Khubilai Khan: A Revolution in Painting" which examines the legacy of Yuan rule in painting. This video addresses protest, adaptation, and transformation of Chinese life under Mongol control, and also weaves in environmental history that contributed to the downfall of the dynasty. The classroom materials site features a Special Topic Guide with class discussion or essay prompts on Marco Polo in China.

Tags: East Asia Middle East Russia, Eurasia, & Eastern Europe World Assignments Lecture, Podcast, & Documentary Readings Cultural Economic Empires Environmental Exploration & Expansion Intellectual Military Religion Visual Culture 600 to 1400


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