Lesson Plans

  • Elizabeth Blackwell’s Legacy

    National Library of Medicine | Jun 17, 2021

    The resource allows students to explore diverse careers and accomplishments of more than three hundred American women physicians.
  • Rubella Mothers as Moral Pioneers

    Ashley E. Bowen | Jun 17, 2021

    The resource has four classes in which students explore how the 1964 rubella epidemic reshaped cultural expectations about the “ideal” American family.
  • Yellow Fever in 1793 and Today

    National Library of Medicine | Jun 16, 2021

    The resource invites students to examine the 1793 yellow fever outbreak in Philadelphia in light of treatment today.
  • Internet History Sourcebooks - Byzantium

    The Fordham University History Department and the Fordham Center for Medieval Studies | Jun 15, 2021

    This site provides access to an extensive collection of online resources on Byzantine history, including readings, material culture, and teacher resources.
  • George Washington and Medicine

    National Library of Medicine | Jun 15, 2021

    The resource encourages students to compare their previous knowledge of George Washington with primary and secondary source material.
  • Teaching the Influenza Pandemic of 1918 in the Time of COVID-19

    Joseph M. Gabriel, University of Florida | Jun 14, 2021

    The resource is a two-part blog that explores how instructors may teach the 1918 Influenza Pandemic in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Canadian Letters and Images Project

    Stephen Davies, Vancouver Island University | Jun 9, 2021

    The resource is an online archive of the Canadian war experience as told through the letters and images of Canadians themselves.
  • Share My Lesson

    American Federation of Teachers | Jun 7, 2021

    The resource includes hundreds of teacher resources, including social studies lesson plans and collections for middle and high school classes.
  • National Orphan Train Complex

    National Orphan Train Complex Museum & Research Center | Jun 3, 2021

    The resource aims to collect, preserve, interpret, and disseminate knowledge about the US orphan train movement.
  • The British Library — Teaching Resources

    The British Library | Jun 1, 2021

    The resource is comprised of almost 250 individual units; most are in English, with a few in French, German, Italian, and Serbian.

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