Islamic Empires

  • The World History Survey

    Lael Sorensen | Jul 28, 2020

    This site demonstrates how to teach visual literacy and encourage associative thought, key features of critical inquiry for beginning history students.
  • Extra History

    Extra Credits, LLC | Jul 27, 2020

    Extra History features more than 375 closed captioned, animated videos on various historical events and figures spanning time, place, and theme.
  • Women in World History

    Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, George Mason University | Jul 27, 2020

    Women in World History offers an online curriculum resource center to help high-school and college world history teachers and their...
  • Travels of the Lute

    Mairi Cowan, Elaine Goettler, and Pam King, University of Toronto | Jul 27, 2020

    Travels of the Lute offers lesson plans, primary source material, and others resources to help instructors and students better understand...

Most Recent

  • The Travels of Ibn Battuta

    Nick Bartel and Office of Resources for International and Area Studies, University of California, Berekley | Jul 27, 2020

    This tour of Ibn Battuta’s medieval travels follows in the footsteps of this famous 14th century Muslim traveler, exploring the...
  • 100 Milestone Documents

    National History Day, the National Archives and Records Administration, and USA Freedom Corps | Jul 27, 2020

    100 Milestone Documents was compiled by the National Archives and Records Administration, and are drawn primarily from its nationwide holdings.