Children in Ancient China

Long Teaching Module

Anne Kinney | Mar 16, 2021

Children in Ancient China is a long teaching module that traces children's introduction to Confucian mores and worldview. By engaging with ten primary source documents, students will analyze how societal interest in the child during the Han period was set into motion by a convergence of historically-specific conditions. This unit taps into and contextualizes prior learning on traditional Chinese society, Confucian principles, and the Han dynasty. It might also set the stage for discussion on late 20th century China's "Little Emperor Syndrome" stemming from the One Child policy. This site includes an informational essay, lesson plans, discussion questions, annotated documents, and a DBQ essay prompt relating to the primary sources.

Tags: East Asia Assignments Class Activities Lesson Plans Primary Sources Teaching Guide Cultural Legal Women, Gender, & Sexuality 600 BCE to 600 CE


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