Asian Pacific American

  • EDSITEment! Lesson Plans

    National Endowment for the Humanities | Jul 28, 2020

    This resource offer synchronous lesson plans that can be adapted to remote teaching.
  • Teaching with Historic Places

    National Park Service | Jul 28, 2020

    Teaching with Historic Places offers a series of more than 160 classroom-ready lesson plans that use historic sites as a means for exploring American history.
  • Extra History

    Extra Credits, LLC | Jul 27, 2020

    Extra History features more than 375 closed captioned, animated videos on various historical events and figures spanning time, place, and theme.
  • Viral Histories

    National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution | Jul 27, 2020

    In Viral Histories, community leaders share their first-hand experiences on the front lines during COVID-19 with historians and curators from...

Most Recent

  • The Future of America's Past

    Hannah Ayers and Lance Warren, Directors/Producers/Writers; Ed Ayers, Host | Jul 27, 2020

    The Future of America’s Past is a “history-on-location” video series hosted by historian Ed Ayers. 
  • Slavery and Remembrance

    Colonial Williamsburg Foundation | Jul 27, 2020

    Slavery and Remembrance embraces the intersections and differences among more than fifty sites and museums from across the globe to...