Women, Gender, Sexuality

  • Norman Rockwell Meets Peyton Place

    AHA Activities

    Ashley E. Bowen | Dec 17, 2020

    Jacqueline Jones, the AHA's 137th president, shares her goals for her presidential term and reflects on how her hometown shaped...
  • Working with Death


    Ruth Lawlor | Dec 15, 2020

    For historians studying violence, the archive they confront is one of intense feeling and, often, trauma preserved and rearticulated in the present.
  • Clerks Wearing Masks

    Perspectives Daily

    E. Thomas Ewing and Jeffrey S. Reznick | Dec 9, 2020

    Analyzing data and photographs from the 1918 influenza epidemic increased students' historical empathy and improved their ability to think historically about COVID-19.
  • AHA Member Spotlight: Stephanie Fajardo

    Perspectives Daily

    Matthew Keough | Dec 4, 2020

    Stephanie Fajardo is a postdoctoral fellow at the Eisenberg Institute for Historical Studies, University of Michigan. She lives in Ann...

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  • Women Historians in Academia

    Patricia Albjerg Graham | Nov 13, 2020

    Fifty years after the 1970 Rose Report, Patricia Albjerg Graham reflects on the need for the Committee on the Status...
  • AHA Member Spotlight: Karen Marrero

    Matthew Keough | Oct 30, 2020

    Karen Marrero is an assistant professor at Wayne State University. She lives in Pleasant Ridge, Michigan, and has been a member since 2010.
  • Porcelain Pigments

    Elisabeth Berry Drago | Oct 28, 2020

    A set of colorful porcelain paints reveals a gendered history of artistic production.
  • Soundtracks of Sisterhood

    Bonnie J. Morris | Oct 14, 2020

    As we approach the 50-year anniversary of women's music, the archivist of Olivia Records reflects on the movement.
  • Setting the Lost Cause on Fire

    Karen L. Cox | Aug 6, 2020

    Protesters burned the United Daughters of the Confederacy's headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, because it functions as a monument to white supremacy and the Lost Cause.

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