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  • Food in the West

    Julia M. Gossard | Mar 29, 2018

    Students in Julia M. Gossard's Western Civilization course use Northwestern University Knight Lab's TimelineJS to create a digital chronology of the history of food.
  • The National History Center’s New Teaching Decolonization Resource Collection

    Annabel LaBrecque | Mar 19, 2018

    The National History Center's new Teaching Decolonization Resource Collection provides resources for instructors at any level to teach about decolonization.
  • Students in the Trenches

    Susan Corbesero | Feb 1, 2018

    Susan Corbesero (The Ellis School) uses the crowdsourcing project, Operation War Diary, in her classroom to help students learn about the First World War.
  • Introduction

    Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt | Jan 12, 2018

    We’ve all been there. Our syllabus specifies that a percentage of the course grade will be based on ...
  • Teaching Local History using Digital Methods

    Seth Denbo | Dec 21, 2017

    “British Again Striking Hard on Somme Front Capture Two Lines of German Trenches” reads a banner hea...

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