Teaching and Learning

  • Teaching Content, Teaching Skills

    Katharina Matro | Aug 17, 2021

    Teaching history at the high school level does not need to default to teaching skills alone, as Katharina Matro found...
  • Motivate, Situate, Evidence, Illustrate

    Joseph D. Martin | Aug 16, 2021

    Educators might better serve students by dragging the complexities of the primary–secondary source divide into the light earlier in their education, and more often.
  • “The Culture Wars—They’re Back!”

    Laura Ansley | Aug 11, 2021

    From local school board meetings to state legislatures to the US Capitol, Americans are fired up about what should, and...
  • Remote Reflections

    Mickell J. Carter | Aug 3, 2021

    One graduate student discusses her struggles balancing being a student, teacher, and parent during COVID.
  • A Glimpse Behind the Curtain

    Hayley R. Bowman | Jul 29, 2021

    Podcasts offer an innovative pedagogical tool, capable of collapsing space and time in a way that reading, writing, and even attending a lecture cannot.
  • Public History in the Wild

    Rebecca S. Wingo and Lindsey Passenger Wieck | Jul 26, 2021

    When two historians swapped a syllabus over multiple semesters, it improved both the assignments and student experience.
  • Navigating Life from Scratch

    Cheryl Greenberg | Jul 19, 2021

    Holding two Fulbrights, one in Finland and another in China, was a constructive kind of culture shock for historian Cheryl Greenberg. 
  • Remote Reflections

    Sarah Hensler | Jun 24, 2021

    The Soviet history of the Bolshoi Ballet captivated one undergraduate who used that topic to learn essential research skills and...
  • One Year Abroad, A Decade of Friendship and Collaboration

    Leslie Waters and Kristina E. Poznan | Jun 16, 2021

    When they met on a Fulbright in Hungary, Leslie Waters and Kristina E. Poznan could not have predicted where their...
  • From Reading to Discovery

    Dylan Ruediger | Jun 14, 2021

    History faculty, librarians and archivists, and publishers all have a role to play in preparing students to find and analyze primary sources.

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