Guidelines for In Memoriam Essays

In Memoriam essays should be about 650 words. They should focus on the subject's professional career. The essays should include information such as dates of birth and death, degrees earned, places of employment, and publications, and should review the subject's contributions to scholarship. Material that captures the subject's personality is welcome too, as long as it relates to his or her professional life. In Memoriam essays are meant to commemorate and honor the deceased scholars; they should not, therefore, contain any ad hominem or negative references to any third party.

Authors of obituaries are encouraged to submit a portrait photograph (preferably as a high resolution digital image) of the deceased for publication with the essay. (If an author is unable to submit a photograph, Perspectives on History staff may try to secure one from other sources.)

Essays may be edited for style, content, and length. All In Memoriam essays—including those commissioned by Perspectives on History—are subject to review and approval of the Perspectives on History editorial board before publication. The editorial board reserves the right to request changes to the essay before agreeing to publish it, and to reject essays it deems inappropriate. The editorial board prefers original essays written specifically for Perspectives on History.

Authors should inform Perspectives on History if an essay has been submitted to (or has been published in) other publications. Normally, the copyright for In Memoriam essays accepted for publication in Perspectives on History will rest with the American Historical Association, which will also reserve the right to re-publish the essays in other media. Authors of the essays will, however, be free to re-publish them elsewhere, giving due credit to Perspectives on History as the first place of publication.

After the editorial board accepts an essay for publication, Perspectives on History will try to publish the essay at the earliest opportunity, but cannot guarantee placement in any particular issue.

Drafts may be either uploaded or e-mailed.