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Executive Secretary/Directors of the American Historical Association, 1884 to present

AHA Staff | Sep 1, 2010

James R. Grossman officially begins his term today, as the 18th executive director of the American Historical Association. Below, we list the previous directors of the association. Please note, the position was executive secretary, rather than executive director, until 1974.

2010- James R. Grossman
1999-2010  Arnita A. Jones
1995-99 Sandria Freitag
1981-94 Samuel R. Gammon
1974-81  Mack Thompson
1965-73 Paul L. Ward
1964 Louis B. Wright
1963 W. Stull Holt
1953-62 Boyd C. Schaefer
1941-53 Guy Stanton Ford
1933-41 Conyers Read
1928-33 Dexter Perkins
1919-28      John Spencer Bassett
1913-19 Evarts Boutell Greene/Waldo Gifford Leland
1908-12 Charles Homer Haskins/Waldo Gifford Leland
1900-08 Charles Homer Haskins/A. Howard Clarke (from 1901 to 1919 the position was divided into an Executive Secretary of the Council and Executive Secretary of the Association position)
1884-1900 Herbert Baxter Adams

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