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What We’re Reading: September 18, 2008 Edition

AHA Staff | Sep 18, 2008

Endangered Battlefield Map for 2008This week we start off with a number of alerts by the National Coalition for History. First, the NCH examines the recent release of the Rosenberg grand jury transcripts, and next points to two opportunities to nominate (for a preservation award and for the most endangered Civil War battlefield list). Then, read Inside Higher Ed’s report on a new form of adjunct abuse, Siva Vaidhyanathan’s critique of the so-called “digital generation,” information on a forum on preserving the news, Constitution Day resources, and finally humor in the rejection letter.

National Coalition for History

What Else We’re Reading

  • New Form of Adjunct Abuse
    Inside Higher Ed reports on how San Antonio College is offering its adjuncts more credits to teach if they sign a waiver giving up more money and benefits.
  • Generational Myth
    The always interesting Siva Vaidhyanathan–who is sometimes characterized as a cultural historian–offers a sharp critique, in the latest Chronicle, of the often sweeping generalizations about a digital generation. He also reported last week that he will be suspending his popular blog, Sivacracy.net.
  • “On the Record”: A Forum on Electronic Media and the Preservation of News
    The Center for Research Libraries and the New York Public Library are co-sponsoring a forum on "electronic media and the preservation of news" in New York next month. The forum will “explore the myriad ways in which news content is created, distributed and consumed today, and will engage in focused discussions to formulate innovative strategies for preserving and accessing these materials.”
  • Keeping the Republic, 221 Years Later
    Though this is a day late, check out the Constitution Day (September 17) resources at the Library of Congress blog.
  • No
    Writer Brian Doyle takes an amusing look at the rejection letter, even noting a clever writer who turns the tables: “Please forgive me for not accepting your rejection letter.” Hat tip.

Contributors: Elisabeth Grant, Arnita Jones, and Robert B. Townsend

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