Public History

  • From Jazz Clubs to Barbershops and Museums


    Karen Lou | Apr 15, 2021

    When Pixar decided to make their first animated film with a Black lead, they turned to historians and other consultants to get it right.
  • Making the Best of the Worst-Case Scenario


    Jake Wynn | Apr 7, 2021

    The National Museum of Civil War Medicine managed to close, reopen, close again, and build new digital offerings that expanded its audience.
  • Meeting Need, Collecting Need

    Perspectives Daily

    Amanda B. Moniz | Apr 1, 2021

    The National Museum of American History's curator of the history of philanthropy reflects on her efforts to document food insecurity during the COVID pandemic.
  • Fine Print


    Sara E. Morris and Jenny Presnell | Mar 17, 2021

    Changes to newspaper collections are the proverbial canaries in the coal mines for the accessibility of standard library resources in the future.

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