Professional Resources

  • Departmental Service with a Smile . . . Maybe!

    AHA Activities

    Kevin Boyle | Sep 20, 2018

    History department chairs face issues specific to the discipline. The AHA can help.
  • Letters of Rec

    From the Professional Division

    Suzanne Marchand | Sep 4, 2018

    Writing (and reading) these formulaic commendations is a task with few rewards.
  • Townhouse Notes

    From the Editor

    Allison Miller | Sep 4, 2018

    We’ve got answers to your questions about our careers database.
  • Hierarchy and Needs

    From the Executive Director

    James Grossman | Sep 1, 2018

    The age of the all-powerful Doktorvater is gone, but his influence still permeates our culture.

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