Professional Life

  • The Business of Applied History

    Caroline Morris and Jack Fiorini | Apr 8, 2021

    The transition from academic to brand historian offered several intellectual and professional benefits to two historians at Heritage Werks.
  • Advocacy Briefs

    Gabriella Virginia Folsom | Mar 31, 2021

    As funding and resources are cut for historians across the country and world, the AHA continues to advocate for the needs of the discipline.
  • Remote Reflections

    Phillip Reid | Mar 25, 2021

    One independent scholar explains how he worked through the spring and summer with the sort of make-do ethos that has been necessary throughout his career.
  • How Can We Help?

    James Grossman | Mar 24, 2021

    Members of the AHA participate in a community of historians with a central purpose: advocating for one another and for our work as historians.
  • Records Retention

    Sarah Jones Weicksel | Mar 23, 2021

    A lawsuit to prevent the sale of the National Archives at Seattle facility uncovered the many ways the community engages with their collections.
  • We Are Only Human

    Jacqueline Jones | Mar 18, 2021

    After an unexpectedly emotional response to her subject, Jacqueline Jones reflected on the place of emotion in the history classroom.
  • Heterophobia?

    Rebecca L. Davis | Mar 16, 2021

    When she put on her suit that morning, Rebecca L. Davis could not have predicted the questions she faced during her on-campus interview.
  • Tweeting to Find Community

    Varsha Venkatasubramanian | Mar 10, 2021

    Building an online presence, especially on Twitter, is an important professional task and an opportunity to join a vibrant, generous community of historians.
  • 2021 AHA Nominations

    Compiled by Liz Townsend | Mar 9, 2021

    The Nominating Committee offers the following candidates for offices of the AHA.
  • Feeling Like an Interloper, But Claiming Space Anyway

    Trishula Patel | Mar 4, 2021

    Minority graduate students in history programs often find themselves to be the "only one in the room."

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