Perspectives Summer Columns

  • We Have Always Been Global

    Perspectives Daily

    Noah Ramage | Jun 21, 2022

    In the 19th century, Native American nations were early pioneers in constitutional democracy.
  • Meet the 2022 Perspectives Daily Summer Columnists

    Perspectives Daily

    Laura Ansley | Jun 1, 2022

    Introducing the three graduate students who will write about archives, place, and sovereignty.
  • Want to Write for the AHA?

    Perspectives Daily

    AHA Staff | Mar 21, 2022

    Submit your application by Sunday, April 24.
  • We Are Part of Nature

    Perspectives Daily

    Matthew Plishka | Aug 5, 2021

    Multispecies political ecology can help environmental historians reveal how nonhuman species can shape the world.

Most Recent

  • A Glimpse Behind the Curtain

    Hayley R. Bowman | Jul 29, 2021

    Podcasts offer an innovative pedagogical tool, capable of collapsing space and time in a way that reading, writing, and even attending a lecture cannot.
  • What’s Next for Blogging as Public Engagement?

    Bobby Cervantes | Jul 28, 2021

    Bobby Cervantes reflects on the flourishing history blogs that are connecting academic historians to public audiences.
  • Can Plants Help Us to Understand COVID-19?

    Matthew Plishka | Jul 12, 2021

    Many of the same mistakes and oversights that we see in human disease control today were made in the early 20th-century fight against Panama Disease.
  • What Story Do You Want to Tell?

    Hayley R. Bowman | Jul 8, 2021

    Shifting from "Who will care?" to "What's the story?" helped one graduate student center storytelling in her work.
  • You Are Only as Good as Your Sources

    Bobby Cervantes | Jul 6, 2021

    Journalists and historians share a fixation on sources, but how and when they use a source differs in important ways.

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