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  • Abortion, Choice, and the Supreme Court

    Laura Ansley | Jul 8, 2022

    A webinar on the Dobbs decision brought together historians and legal scholars to discuss why history is central to this jurisprudence and its implications.
  • Climate Preservation

    Elizabeth (Scout) Blum and Ellen Griffith Spears | Jul 7, 2022

    Historians express concern over the upcoming loss of a repository of valuable government data.
  • AHA Member Spotlight: Derrick Lanois

    Matthew Keough | Jul 6, 2022

    Derrick Lanois is an assistant professor of history at Norfolk State University. He lives in Norfolk, Virginia, and has been a member since 2015.
  • The Walls of Troy

    Arabella Delgado | Jul 5, 2022

    Good fences do not make for good neighbors, but that didn't stop USC from trying.
  • First Task Complete!

    Laura Ansley | Jul 1, 2022

    Find out what AHA members, Council, and staff have been reading to fulfill the AHA Summer Reading Challenge.
  • AHA Member Spotlight: Lynn Weiner

    Matthew Keough | Jun 30, 2022

    Lynn Weiner is a professor emerita of History at Roosevelt University. She lives in Oak Park, Illinois, and has been a member since 1980.
  • What I Wish I Had Known

    Mark Mulligan | Jun 29, 2022

    As he nears the end of his PhD program, a transgender historian shares his experiences and offers advice to other trans students.
  • Title IX at 50

    Bonnie J. Morris | Jun 23, 2022

    After 25 years teaching the history of women's athletics, Bonnie J. Morris has suggestions for how to incorporate the history...
  • AHA Member Spotlight: Norman Etherington

    Matthew Keough | Jun 22, 2022

    Norman Etherington is an emeritus professor at the University of Western Australia. He lives in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, and...
  • We Have Always Been Global

    Noah Ramage | Jun 21, 2022

    In the 19th century, Native American nations were early pioneers in constitutional democracy.

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