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What We’re Reading: October 9, 2014

AHA Staff | Oct 9, 2014

Today’s What We’re Reading features the Crayola Crayon, Lincoln’s hat, astronomically big data, and much more! 

How Not to Understand ISIS
Alireza Doostdar, professor of Islamic studies at the University of Chicago, argues that in the absence of real information about this militant group, people tend to blame Salafism, and he explains why this is the wrong approach.

The Things He Carried: Abraham Lincoln’s Top Hat and Other Artifacts Go on Display at Ford’s Theatre
Washington, DC’s Ford Theatre will display objects found in Abraham Lincoln’s pockets on the day on his assassination 150 years ago.

In Berlin, Remaking the City Can Rekindle Old Frictions
Efforts to erase divisions in Berlin appear to have brought lingering tensions to the surface.

Hong Kong Noir
Foreign Policy features photos from 1960s Hong Kong.

Knowing Nature
The University of Maryland, College Park will hold this medieval studies conference on October 24, 2014.

Astronomical Data & Astronomical Digital Stewardship: Interview with Elizabeth Griffin
Astrophysicist Elizabeth Griffin is interviewed on astronomy, big data, and digital stewardship.

Why Politicians Need Historians
David Armitage argues for the historian’s place in politics, evoking Braudel and the Annales School.


The Explosion of Crayon Colors since 1903
Because you need to have some context when you proudly proclaim that “Outer Space” or “Atomic Tangerine” is your favorite color!

Those Wacky Victorians
Following up last week’s Flashback Friday cat picture with some rather amusing pictures of Victorians and a dog…


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