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  • Howard P. Segal (1948–2020)

    In Memoriam

    Alan I Marcus | Feb 26, 2021

    Howard P. Segal, a professor of history at the University of Maine, died on November 9, 2020, in Orono, Maine.
  • The Perpetual Newness of Black History

    Perspectives Daily

    Ben Vinson III | Feb 26, 2021

    Although being new can be exciting, and can legitimately advance scholarly conversations, there are real dangers in perpetual disciplinary novelty.
  • Is There Life in Outer Space?

    Perspectives Daily

    Dana Burton | Feb 18, 2021

    In the 1970s, NASA explored how to handle the discovery of life in outer space. 
  • As Many Voices As Possible


    Laura Ansley | Feb 11, 2021

    In Four Hundred Souls, Ibram X. Kendi and Keisha N. Blain rallied 90 Black writers to build a sweeping, community history of African America. 

Most Recent

  • Grant of the Week: Summerlee Book Prize

    Karen Lou | Feb 8, 2021

    The Center for History and Culture of Southeast Texas and the Upper Gulf Coast at Lamar University is now accepting applications for its Summerlee Book Prize.
  • Faye E. Dudden (1948–2020)

    Joan Jacobs Brumberg and Andrew Rotter | Jan 29, 2021

    Faye E. Dudden, Charles A. Dana Professor of History emerita, passed away on October 16, 2020, after an 18-month struggle with glioblastoma.
  • Richard Polenberg (1937–2020)

    Kevin M. Kruse | Jan 29, 2021

    Richard Polenberg, historian of modern America, died on November 26, 2020, in Ithaca, New York.
  • AHA Member Spotlight: R. Isabela Morales

    Matthew Keough | Jan 29, 2021

    R. Isabela Morales is a manager of exhibition development at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum. She lives in Newark, New...
  • Eleanor Roosevelt’s Illustrated Envelope

    Alexandra F. Levy | Jan 28, 2021

    A hand-illustrated envelope connected one budding historian to her mother and Eleanor Roosevelt's legacy.

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