• Dorm Essentials

    Elyse Martin | Feb 7, 2019

    Structures for student living reveal “the educational ideals of the people who built them.”
  • Texas Revises History Education, Again

    Kritika Agarwal | Jan 11, 2019

    When you must teach to the test, curriculum comes down to content.
  • Remembering Birdland, a Jazz Icon

    Elyse Martin | Dec 19, 2018

    The club holds a special place in New York City’s influential jazz scene.
  • Midwestern History Is on the Map

    Kritika Agarwal | Dec 3, 2018

    Enough jokes about flyover country. The Midwest has always been complex.
  • One Small Step, 50 Years Later

    Zoë Jackson | Dec 3, 2018

    Space historians and the institutions they serve are reevaluating the significance of Project Apollo.
  • Imagining the Digital Monograph

    Seth Denbo | Nov 1, 2018

    University presses see possibilities for sustainable academic publishing.
  • Advocacy Briefs

    AHA Staff | Nov 1, 2018

    In September, the AHA responded to several threats against historians’ academic freedom.
  • Processing Grief

    Kritika Agarwal | Oct 22, 2018

    Inside the movement to preserve objects and testimony from mass shootings and other public tragedies.
  • A Way Forward

    Kritika Agarwal | Oct 1, 2018

    Native communities and archivists welcome the acceptance of professional guidelines for sensitive holdings in non-tribal institutions.
  • Audio for the Ages

    Zoë Jackson | Oct 1, 2018

    The scholars behind PodcastRE work feverishly to make sure audio preservation is done right.

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