• Communication Revolution


    Zoë Jackson | May 14, 2019

    On the 50th anniversary of the first computer-to-computer message, scholars say there’s more to internet history than ARPANET.
  • Data Overload


    Seth Denbo | May 7, 2019

    Web archives often contain so much data that historians must develop new technical skills and knowledge in order to use them.
  • Advocacy Briefs


    Devon Reich | Apr 15, 2019

    Since February, the Association has urged attention and action on a number of issues affecting historians.
  • Reexamining Amritsar


    Kritika Agarwal | Apr 9, 2019

    A new book challenges what we think we know about the British Raj’s bloodiest massacre.

Most Recent

  • White Lies

    Elizabeth Poorman | Mar 11, 2019

    The claims, scholars say, muddle the distinctions between ancestry and citizenship.
  • Plan S and the Humanities

    Seth Denbo | Mar 11, 2019

    Plan S is pushing academic journal publishing to an open access model. But is that good for all scholarship?
  • Online Education 2.0

    Zoë Jackson | Feb 11, 2019

    Online courses are no longer a futurist fantasy or a harbinger of doom. But where are they going?
  • Dorm Essentials

    Elyse Martin | Feb 7, 2019

    Structures for student living reveal “the educational ideals of the people who built them.”
  • Texas Revises History Education, Again

    Kritika Agarwal | Jan 11, 2019

    When you must teach to the test, curriculum comes down to content.

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