Military History

  • Marvin L. Edwards (1915–2016)

    In Memoriam

    Jill Wharton | Apr 2, 2018

    Marvin L. Edwards, professor emeritus at Clarkson University, passed away on January 31, 2016.
  • Students in the Trenches

    AHA Today

    Susan Corbesero | Feb 1, 2018

    Susan Corbesero (The Ellis School) uses the crowdsourcing project, Operation War Diary, in her classroom to help students learn about the First World War.
  • Crypto Currents


    Zoë Jackson | Dec 1, 2017

    At the 16th biennial Symposium on Cryptologic History, held this past October, William F. Friedman was a celebrity of sorts. The famous US Army crypto...
  • Grant of the Week: Graduate Student Prize in Applied Military History

    AHA Today

    Zoe Jackson | Nov 29, 2017

    The Society for Military History and the CSIS Project on Military and Diplomatic History are pleased to announce the second...

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