K–16 Education

  • Remote Reflections: Mental Health during Crisis

    James Hysell | Jul 21, 2020

    When moving his four face-to-face classes online in the spring, James Hysell prioritized students' and his own mental health in course design.
  • Remote Reflections: Chair of the Apocalypse

    Lauren Araiza | Jul 8, 2020

    A department chair describes how she advocated on behalf of junior and non-tenure-track faculty during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The COVID Commencement

    Karen Lou | Jun 24, 2020

    How universities around the country created remote commencement ceremonies during COVID-19.
  • Remote Reflections: A Call for Memes

    Sarah Olzawski | Jun 18, 2020

    How the University of Oklahoma's History Club used humor to build community during COVID-19.
  • Meet the 2020 Perspectives Daily Summer Columnists

    Laura Ansley | Jun 17, 2020

    Introducing the three graduate students who will write about the US Census, digital history and pedagogy, and the history of grocery shopping this summer.
  • School without Schools

    Chad Lower | Jun 8, 2020

    In just 10 days Columbus City Schools designed and implemented a plan to continue schooling without classrooms.
  • Remote Reflections: Learning in the Time of Corona

    Sarah Shurts | Jun 3, 2020

    Sometimes it is not a matter or making the past more engaging for students, it is a matter of engaging...
  • Documenting Disaster

    Laura Ansley | Apr 29, 2020

    In collecting oral histories around the state, history students at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette have learned about the...
  • Learning Starts with People

    Brandon Morgan | Mar 26, 2020

    Though there isn't time this semester to build a whole online course, the principles that undergird online teaching and learning will help.
  • Leadership during Crisis

    Kathy Callahan | Mar 25, 2020

    For department chairs, communication and clear expectations for faculty, deans, and students are essential during the pandemic crisis.

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