K–16 Education

  • Practicing History


    Evan Faulkenbury | Oct 20, 2020

    SUNY Cortland decided to require a public history course because of its potential to attract new students, retain majors, and...
  • Middle Schoolers Take on Columbus

    Perspectives Daily

    Alex Pinelli | Oct 8, 2020

    Teacher Alex Pinelli shares how he teaches about Christopher Columbus in a private Christian middle school.
  • Why Study History? Revisited

    Perspectives Daily

    Peter N. Stearns | Sep 18, 2020

    Two decades after writing a powerful response to the question "why study history," Peter Stearns revisits his answer.
  • Remote Reflections: Twice the Work and Half the Fun

    Perspectives Daily

    Walter L. Buenger | Sep 14, 2020

    For faculty teaching online for the first time, spring 2020 could be a frustrating learning experience.

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