History of STEM

  • Black Internationalism, Plagues, and Toxicity

    AHA Activities

    Alex Lichtenstein | Nov 12, 2020

    The December issue of the AHR features a pair of articles on pandemic history, a History Unclassified essay on illness...
  • Townhouse Notes

    From the Editor

    Ashley E. Bowen | Nov 3, 2020

    Public history can happen anywhere—even at a fantasy fan convention.
  • Protein, Territory, Isolation

    AHA Activities

    Gabriella Virginia Folsom | Aug 27, 2020

    Announcing the 2020-21 recipients of the J. Franklin Jameson Fellowship in American History, the Fellowship in Aerospace History, and the...
  • Sanctuary or Battlefield?

    Perspectives Daily

    Stephen Buono | Jul 15, 2020

    AHA NASA fellow Stephen Buono reflects upon the long struggle between peace and militarization in outer space.

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