History of STEM

  • Can Plants Help Us to Understand COVID-19?

    Perspectives Daily

    Matthew Plishka | Jul 12, 2021

    Many of the same mistakes and oversights that we see in human disease control today were made in the early 20th-century fight against Panama Disease.
  • Announcing the 2021–22 Jameson and NASA Fellows

    AHA Activities, Perspectives Daily

    Rebecca L. West | Jun 1, 2021

    Four promising scholars win fellowships to support significant new research.
  • Wrapping It Up

    AHA Activities

    Alex Lichtenstein | Apr 22, 2021

    The June issue of the American Historical Review features three History Unclassified essays, seven articles, and a cluster of reviews...
  • Vaccine Hesitancy Is a 21st-Century Phenomenon

    Perspectives Daily

    Gareth Millward | Apr 16, 2021

    Since the 1940s, vaccination campaigns have been held to increasingly high, and difficult to meet, standards. 

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