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  • AHA Member Spotlight: Beth Linker

    Matthew Keough | Jul 17, 2018

    Beth Linker is associate professor in the History and Sociology of Science Department at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Archiving the Final Frontier

    Zoë Jackson | May 1, 2018

    Research in space history is often hampered by large gaps in the archives.
  • Defying Gravity

    Emily A. Margolis | Mar 22, 2018

    "Space tourism" has been a part of American leisure culture since the Cold War, writes Emily Margolis, winner of the...
  • What Are You?

    Sadie Bergen | Feb 16, 2018

    At #AHA18, historians and social scientists pushed back against the notion that racial and ethnic ancestry can be discovered through genetic testing.
  • Grant of the Week: Linda Hall Library Fellowships

    Zoe Jackson | Dec 13, 2017

    The Linda Hall Library awards diverse funding opportunities to pre- and postdoctoral scholars in the history of science and related areas.

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