Historians and the Public

  • Jargon in History Writing Shuts Out the Public

    From the President

    John R. McNeill | May 20, 2019

    Our society needs real history more than ever. We need to invite the curious, in true democratic fashion.
  • Talk to Historians

    From the Executive Director

    James Grossman | Mar 7, 2019

    You can bewail decline from the sidelines. But it’s best to get informed.
  • Why I Am a Historian


    Lillian Guerra | Jul 2, 2018

    Confronting ignorance and racism pushed me into my career.
  • “Our Biggest Mistake Is That We Trusted You Too Much”

    AHA Today, From the National History Center

    Jeffrey A. Engel | May 10, 2018

    Jeffrey Engel, founding director of the Center for Presidential History at Southern Methodist University, explains how Russian President Vladimir Putin...

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